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About Mindwealthwellness


Meet our experts on mind,  wealth,  and health. 

Our team at MindWealthWellness has been studying mind wealth and well-being with passion for the past 25 years.  Our team,  which is led by Anant,  a visionary philosopher,  is dedicated to teaching people and making them more aware of our fast-paced and always-changing world.  

Our respected team leader,  Anant,  has a lot of information and experience that he brings to our platform.  As a philosopher,  he has spent his whole life trying to understand how the mind works and finding knowledge.  Anant has helped shape the direction of our group because he has a deep understanding of how philosophy,  religion,  self-improvement,  positive psychology,  and science all relate to each other. 

Join us as we work to make the world a place where balanced education is valued and people can live and grow.  

The Team at MindWealthWellness

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