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Gurbani Concepts

The central idea of this shabad is about the concept of Bhagat, traditionally associated with those who renounce worldly luxuries and engage in meditation. However, the shabad redefines Bhagat as someone who is dedicated to their passion and work. It emphasizes the importance of wholeheartedly surrendering to one's work and having complete faith in it to overcome obstacles.

The shabad uses the example of Bhagat Prahlad, who had unwavering faith in his God, even when faced with challenges and threats from his father. This unwavering faith enabled him to overcome those obstacles. The key concept conveyed here is that of faith - having complete faith in whatever you do. Whether you are following your passion or dedicatedly working towards something, having faith is essential.

The shabad also contrasts the characteristics of being Gurmukh and Manmukh. Being Gurmukh means following a mentor and remaining focused, while being Manmukh represents following one's mind and seeking instant gratification without hard work and dedication. The shabad encourages being Gurmukh, having faith, dedication, and a focused approach to achieve valuable accomplishments for the benefit of humanity and future generations.

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